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Vector images are chosen now by many artists because they are not composed of small squares. In addition, it brings out top quality images even if the sizes are increased. If you wish to learn more about how to manipulate it, there are several websites which offer free tutorials on using vector images.

In coming up with raw vector images, you can either make use of Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. But the photo editing software are not confined to these two. Also, you can enhance your skills in manipulating vector art images through the help of vector packs. These are available online as many sites now offer free vector packs.
Many photo production and editing projects now commonly require photo masking. Many are still not that familiar in doing this; but it is nice to know that similar techniques can be performed easily many readily available sources online.

Photo masking means isolating a part of an image from the other parts. There are already many techniques available in doing this but only the graphic experts are knowledgeable in doing it. But you yourself can also try it. You just have to be equipped with the basic information you need to know.

You can execute raster to vector task. Vector art is now becoming popular since there are many downsides in using bitmap images. Converting raster images into vector images is recommended for one to manipulate them easily without sacrificing the quality of images. This process called vectorization. This allows one to be more creative in handling images. A plain and simple image can now appear painted or drawn, which is quite interesting.

Vector packs can be of great help for art enthusiasts to explore further vector art. You can also download free vector packs online. Bear these in mind to have greater quality when it comes to images. This will also leave others amazed on your works.

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Doing More With Images - Vector Art Unveiled

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This article was published on 2010/03/30