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June 23, 2009, Beijing, China? HP large format Printer "Pilot quality, professional presentation," media of communication will be held in the HP building. China Hewlett-Packard Co., printing and imaging systems group senior business development manager Li Bing told you all about HP Graphic Arts in the field of graphics a comprehensive solution to the media revealed the HP CAD vector high quality, efficient printing of secret: HP- GL / 2 printer language, which is HP's traditional CAD, specifically for the development of a standard vector File Format and print language. Participating media, print a test through the site, to experience the HP-GL / 2 language in the CAD output in the field of outstanding advantages and provide users with high-quality, high output experience.

The traditional sense, the output quality and performance of the printer by the printer hardware is usually the decision, so users buy large format printer, the hardware products are only concerned with performance, but often overlooked by the printer and print supported language. HP-GL / 2 (Hewlett-Packard GraphicsLanguage2) vector format for the traditional print language is HP's specially developed CAD field vector of a standard file formats and print language. Traditional CAD, architectural design sketches everyday output, building renderings, engineering drawings, mechanical processing map, mechanical assembly drawings, etc., mostly line diagrams and blocks of color maps, using HP-GL / 2 printer language and print documents stored that allows the output quality better, more professional.

HP-GL / 2 printer language principle Jie Mi Graphic Arts Industry Application

graphics print raster and vector languages mainly two categories, both of which have different characteristics, different purposes. Raster image by the number of pixels arranged composition, colorful, rich image information representation, file formats, including JPG, PDF, BMP, etc.. However, when the raster image file to enlarge the image will be distorted, making it unable to accurately express the science and technology, engineering CAD, graphics, image information, only for the expression of various types of still image information, such as photographs, renderings and color Print Goods. Science, engineering, CAD, Graphic representation of vector format depends

Vector file of the CAD engineers are not familiar with, DWG, DXF, and all two, three-dimensional vector form of charts are used to store and express information. We are often used in AutoCAD drawing instruction relative coordinates is a typical vector drawing mode to draw the line, for example, we only need to point out the line start and end coordinates, and then pointed out that the relative X-axis line, the elevation can be done straight-line drawing and information expression. Therefore, the main vector composed by a number of geometric primitives, these primitives, including line, curve, arc, etc., are used in the form of mathematical functions described in the documents and records. No matter how the user zoom vector, the definition of primitive mathematical functions does not change, graphics can be always kept accurate. CAD output in the field, at least 82% of the drawings is a simple vector, the HP-GL / 2 printer language more suitable for CAD industry.
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Hp Cad Vector Opened The Secrets Of High-quality And Efficient Printing - Printers, Office Equipment

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Hp Cad Vector Opened The Secrets Of High-quality And Efficient Printing - Printers, Office Equipment

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