Why Vectors Are Better Than Pixels

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Do you know that a lot of product drawings you have seen in advertising materials are actually vector drawings instead of photos? Vector graphics is now becoming a favorite tool to many designers. The most popular programs to draw vector graphics in the current market are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. So why do so many people prefer vectors to pixels? Let's find out the answer.

1) High Resolution
Vector graphics are scalable artwork that can be exported to high resolutions without any loss of quality. This makes it a great choice for creating photo realistic artworks. Lots of advertising agencies have taken advantage of this to create realistic 3D products for their advertising materials.

2) Smaller File Size
Working in high resolution in Photoshop creates large files and makes editing slow and difficult. Whereas in Adobe Illustrator creates smaller file size and makes it easier to work with and send through email.

3) Easily Editable
Adobe Illustrator makes use of paths for each object. Each object consists of fill and stroke colors that can be easily changed. Thickness and style of the lines can also be changed in Illustrator. This saves more time whenever the client requires changes.

4) Great Drawing Tool
No doubt lots of illustrators choose to draw maps, diagrams and info graphics using Adobe Illustrator. Drawing lines, diagrams and objects can easily be achieved in vector programs. The pen tool is one of the killer features that make drawing any shape possible.

5) Great Typography
Vector produces great high quality typefaces. Dealing with typography and paragraph styles are very limited in Photoshop, whereas in Illustrator you will have more control and flexibility. 3D typography is also possible with 3D effects in Illustrator.

6) Great Style
A great variety of modern graphics style can only be created in vector drawing programs. Leading designers are creating lots of cool illustrations in Illustrator that makes it a booming trend.

7) Smooth and Clean Edges
How many times have you been tried to remove the fuzzy edges in Photoshop? In vector programs, this problem never occurs. You will always get clean and smooth edges. This makes your final drawing look neat and professional.
Vector images are chosen now by many artists because they are not composed of small squares. In addition, it brings out top quality images even if the sizes are increased. If you wish to learn more about how to manipulate it, there are several websites which offer free tutorials on using vector images.
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Why Vectors Are Better Than Pixels

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This article was published on 2010/12/25